The perfect soup to kick off October!  Creamy thick soup base with fresh Broccoli, Onions, Carrots and Cheddar Cheese cooked to perfection.  Priced for an individual serving, 12 oz of Soup and one(1) Ham and Cheese Panini.


Available to pick up your orders anytime between 12:00 PM for lunch to Dinnertime at 5-7 PM! When you place your order just remember to let me know when you want to pick it up!

Pre-Order is required for pick up, so please let us know if you'd like to place an order.  You can order by sending us a Facebook Message with your request (@MyAllThingsEdible), or ordering online  ( or giving us a call at 1(540)830-9565.

Oct. 13th - Broccoli Soup and Ham & Cheese Panini