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Invisible Treasures...

Fall is ever so quickly approaching and our summer time dishes are coming to an end. I hate to see them go, but I'm so excited to get into fall! Fall brings such a peace in my spirit. The temperatures start to cool down, the wind brings in the harvest vegetables, and let us not forget about the pumpkin spices that raid the marketing in every store!

But do you know one of the reasons that I love fall so much? Because the food warms up the hearth and heart. You know life has brought me so my invisible treasures that when I was younger I never thought I would see. Loyal Friends, True Love, and a Faithful Father. But I will save that for the book that everyone insists I should be writing.

With fall bringing in so many wonderful meals, like vegetable soup, squash casserole, and pumpkin rolls. It also brings in the new school season for our kids. You and I know that we never truly stop learning. Or at least we shouldn't. God tells us in Proverbs 4:7 , "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." He tells us that it is worth more than rubies. So with that I want you to seek after all God's good things. Even the invisible good things.

There is one thing that is just amazing and something as bakers and chefs in the kitchen we cannot live with out. It's hidden uses for so many things are innumerable!


Let me tell you about my little buddy, The Egg! (Find more information about eggs and more at www.incredibleegg.org/egg-nutrition/)

Eggs are a high and cheap natural source for protein!

  • Protein Packed at 6 grams per large egg and the least expensive source of high-quality protein at 15 cents each.

  • Nutrient dense: One egg has varying amounts of 14 essential nutrients including choline and Vitamin D.

  • Portion Controlled: Each nutrient-rich large egg has 70 calories. Eggs are nature's form of portion control.

Their small part in history nothing but amazing. I loved reading how eggs came to be here in our world. I really loved reading about all the yummy recipes that involved different forms of egg. Recipes like Hollandaise Sauce. You make this creamy lemon sauce just before serving your dish. It is wonderful on top of green vegetables, fish, steak, roast beef and of course, Eggs Benedict. They are even used to make Homemade Noodles or Vanilla Custard Pudding. The possibilities are endless. But my favorite recipes are the ones you would've never expected. You know, the invisible ones. To know how to use eggs in your recipes you must know how they cook. Whether you're poaching (which means to cook in boiled water) or whipping them up in a sauce for your dish, eggs are a light and delightful ingredient. It's amazing what we can do with eggs. When we first got married Paul and I had to go through a conservative time in our lives. We are tight in our spending anyways, but I am talking we had to pinch even the pennies coming form the sofa cushions. Paul packs his lunch every day for work. A Sandwich. A Fruit Cup. A soda bottle washed out and filled with homemade sweet tea. He had informed me we were totally out of mayonnaise to make his sandwich. He went one day without it on his sandwich and it messed with me. Were we that poor we couldn't even afford mayonnaise? The thought tore me up. No one likes being that broke. Especially me.

So as the thought ravished my mind in my sleep and when I woke to go to work God brought another thought to mind. How is mayonnaise even made? Could I make it so he wouldn't be without? What is involved in making mayonnaise from scratch? So as my research began...a true life lesson came to pass. Everything we see and take for granted in the store has only made life easier b