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Where'd That Come From?

Baking for huge Thanksgiving Family get togethers there has been a huge common mistake.... I am an observing creature of habit. I see small details and in these small details I question things like, "Where did that come from?". Or "Why does that happen?". My living is in Marketing and Branding which leads me to see the whole picture. Even fine print off all products. So when I go shopping for Thanksgiving fixings I noticed the packaging of my Sweet Potatoes and Yams. Oddly the big Brand name says they're Sweet Potatoes when they're actually Yams. The Yams are actually Sweet Potatoes... Now I know many of you say they're the same when honestly they're completely different!! Yams are a tubular dark skinned, fibrus white, sometimes orange in color, and they come originally from the African coastlines. Sometimes Carribean. They are-were high commodities because in months when food doesn't grow, a Yam can be stored a lot longer than most garden nutrients. Giving the people food to work with when others are hungry. Sweet Potatoes are brown skinned but a dark orange in color and are naturally sweet in flavor. Which is what you're looking for in your Thanksgiving indulgence. So pay attention to the characteristics of your ingredients. Color, flavor (sweet, bitter, coarse etc). The key trait in being a successful cook or Baker is knowing your foods and how to pair them with others for a phenomenal outcome!

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