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About Us

All Things Edible has had the opportunity to serve our community in many different ways. We have baked out of our home, opened a storefront, catered your special events and now we move into serving our families.



It is our Mission at All Things Edible to bring family back into the home by feeding our loved ones.  It is our goal to teach others the essential knowledge to prepare ingredients, use specific kitchen utensils or tools, and to make an amazing meal your family will request over and over! 

Everyone has a dish they wish they knew how to make. whether it's a meal, baked good, or side dish, All Things Edible wants to help you learn all you need to know!  In our classes, we will be teaching you and your guests how to prepare, measure, bake, and store your favorite culinary conquests.  Of course having fun, fellowshipping and snacking while we learn!

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Meet the Visionary

Meet the woman behind All Things Edible!

Tiffni Trobaugh, 

Owner, Baker, Writer, Photographer...

But there is so much more!

Tiffni is also a wife, mother, sister, daughter and aunt. 

Since she was a little girl there are three ingredients that have molded her into who she is today.  Her family is a close knit group of loved ones who have taught her, supported her, encouraged her and enabled her abilities to grow.  Her Lord and Savior has given her the guidance and discernment to travel this path with the confidence and peace.  Last, but not least, her husband. Who has given fuel to her ideas and has made them come to life.  Without any of these people, we wouldn't have All Things Edible!

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